About Us

"Plan and develop solutions based on environmental technologies for civil works in character public and private. This is our mission!!!

Geotech is a national company based in São Paulo, with extensive experience in the technological and environmental market in the area of civil engineering and geotechnics. In order to find environmentally and economically sustainable solutions to the problem of civil works, effluents and waste in the environment Environment, Geotech develops high technology projects with city halls, industries, operators and consultants, to provide society with improved quality of life. The Environmental Geotech Develops solutions for the preservation and conversion of the quality of life of man and his future generations.


  • Projects basic and executive
  • Technical monitoring of works
  • Technological and quality control of works
  • Technical and contract management
  • Planning and special studies
  • Selection of waste disposal sites
  • Diagnoses and master plans
  • Preliminary Environmental Reports - RAP , RCA, EAP
  • Environmental impact studies and environmental impact report - EIA e RIMA
  • Licenciamento ambiental
  • Diagnosis and solution for environmental liabilities
  • Environmental audits e "Due Diligence"
  • Consulting and Technical Advice
  • Technical opinions and expert opinions
  • Technical presentations EIA-RIMA, studies and projects
  • Training, courses and lectures
  • Recovery plans for areas degraded by mining and waste - PRAD

Technical Responsibility